Meeting the training needs of integrated circuit manufacturers and their suppliers since 1981.

Semiconductor Services is a full-service training organization which provides educational products and services to Integrated Circuit manufacturers and their suppliers. The company focuses on the development and production of training materials that clearly and accurately convey the highly technical information associated with the process of making "chips" in easily understood language. Products include seminars, videos, printed materials and custom training projects.

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"MAKING THE MICROCHIP - At the Limits III", a comprehensive two-track training course, incorporates footage from leading IC manufacturers and graphics that clearly explain the IC manufacturing processes in English and Japanese. New process strategies such as the use of copper, high and low-k dielectrics, shallow trench isolation and multilayer metals are covered.

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The CLEANROOM TECHNOLOGY AND PROCEDURES II video training course provides necessary information for cleanroom personnel and employees of companies providing products and services associated with cleanrooms. Through video footage from leading semiconductor manufacturers, viewers become familiar with cleanroom design and function and cleanroom types. The film also describes how cleanroom garments are worn and guidelines for entering and working in cleanrooms.

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View "Making the Microchip" and/or "Cleanroom Technology and Procedures" ON DEMAND and apply viewing price to DVD purchase.

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